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We view every journalist that contacts us as an individual looking for stories to tell about our industry. When they contact us, it is typically to write about the ideas and people behind Aakjaer Design, or perhaps to refer to our products in articles.

We believe it is our job to help journalists in this task. If you require inspiration, or help, we are available for interviews. We can also put you in contact with our partners, retailers and customers. You can find a number of interesting case studies here: aainnovation.com.

Or you can contact the key inventor behind Aakjaer Design, Vivi Aakjaer, directly by phone on (+45) 22 39 21 86 or at vivi@aakjaerdesign.dk.

If you want to receive updated information about Aakjaer Innovation from us or to receive samples of our products, please feel free to contact us.

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