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As woman we meet many challenges in regard to the cloth pieces we use in everyday life. Sometimes one must ponder if they were designed by men without knowledge of woman's anatomy.

Have you ever thought about:

To become mother is one of the greatest gifts in life, but as great as the mother role is,
as hard is the fact that giving breast to your baby in public is a big invasion in your privacy.

A lot of woman experience the challenges of not having a smart blouse in the firth period of the child's life, when they are giving breasts.

The fact that the design of a body stocking, hooking and unhooking it is not very hygienic.

Children often use a boring and long cotton cloth for sucking, which often falls.

How many mothers have not experience the scene where they needed to change cloth in the last minute going out the door, as the baby regurgitated on the cloth.
The fact that you constantly smell of sour baby leaving.

What woman have not felt tired with the view to sort another laundry load, with unmatched socks, rolled up nylons, and hooked bra's.

Experienced that the Bra hangers are stuck in the laundry machine, and its only a question of time before that expensive bra breaks.

Aakjaer Design already have the solutions for the above mentioned problems. We have spent the time and energy it takes to invent and protect a technological solution that helps makes a woman's day easier.

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